ASC 100
Freshman Seminar for Teacher Education Majors

This course is designed to acclimate you to life as a university student in general and at Dickinson State University in particular.  Even more
specifically, this section of the course focuses on your future career as a teacher.  The goal is to provide you with resources and to help you
As a classroom community, we will engage in activities and discussions that promote intellectual growth, critical thinking, effective
communication and study skills, and use of campus-based tools and resources for scholarly study and holistic success in university.

The course also promotes self-awareness through reflection and application of course material to your own life; discussion of the importance
of responsibility, self-control, and ethical behavior; and consideration of life in a multicultural and globalized world.
General Resources for the Course

course schedule

course syllabus

Engrade for checking grades and exchanging
messages with me

textbook reading advice from
Pace U. or Dartmouth
U. or Indiana U./Purdue U.
Materials for the Units in the Course

UNIT 1 -- Orientation to University Life

online: Transition from High School to College (U. of MN Duluth)

online: DSU online freshman orientation (click "moodle" and then, on the next
page, click "DSUFrOrient1240" in the lower left sidebar)

online: Stoxen Library at DSU

campus location
scavenger hunt captured with digital photos

online: TRiO Student Support Services at DSU

online: clubs and organizations at DSU

online: Accudemia to make appointments for free tutoring in the Academic
Success Center

Unit 1 exam
study guide

UNIT 2 -- Academic Success Skills

writing prompts for response journal #1

online: Tutoring Center at DSU

Tutoring Center schedule for this semester

instructions for
scheduling a tutoring appointment with Accudemia

Alcohol e-Checkup to Go

online: Web site evaluation exercise (Utah Education Network)

writing prompts for
response journal #2

online: memory-building exercises (Exploratorium)

online: Study Guides and Strategies

writing prompts for
response journal #3

Unit 2 exam study guide

UNIT 3 -- Personal Development and Wellness

online: "Why Does Diversity Matter at College Anyway?" (Hyman & Jacobs, 2009)

online: Tips for Managing Conflict (Clarke U)

online: FAFSA--the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (U.S. Department of

online: National Foundation for Credit Counseling

online: to request one free credit report per year

online: Managing Stress (U of TX at Austin)

online: info for university students on alcohol use (National Institute on Alcohol
Abuse and Alcoholism)

online: info on drugs, alcohol, and other risk behaviors (Substance Abuse and
Mental Health Services Administration)
[look for items marked "Electronic Only" for
free download]

online: Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults (Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention)

online: Get the Facts--info and hyperlinks on issues related to sexual behavior
and health (Advocates for Youth)

Unit 3 exam
study guide

UNIT 4 -- Life Beyond the University

online: Career Clusters Interest Survey (AZ State U)

online: Ready to Explore Careers? (iSeek Careers)

writing prompts for
response journal #4

The course schedule lists five dates on which
campus activity attendance reports are due.  The
syllabus points out that each report should be on a
different type of campus activity:

academic (e.g., a lecture on campus by a visiting
scholar, any part of the
Theodore Roosevelt
Symposium Sep. 20-22, a session of a conference)

artistic (e.g., a play performance, a music concert,
an art gallery event, a literary reading by an author)

athletic (e.g., a football game, a volleyball game, a
cross country meet, a rodeo event)

social (e.g., a school dance, a program put on by
the RA's in a residence hall, a movie shown on
campus, the Mr. Blue Hawk pageant)

sponsored by a campus organization (e.g., a
Student Senate meeting, an event put on by a
student-run club, a meeting of a campus-based faith
group, a Homecoming Week activity)

The order in which you attend/report on them does
not matter so long as, by the end of the semester,
you have submitted one report per category above.

You can
learn about upcoming events on campus
by watching the bulletin boards in campus buildings,
by checking the "DSU Events" calendar on the
Dickinson State University Web site, and by checking
Blue Hawk Athletics Web site.

Each campus activity report should contain three

  1. evidence of your attendance (e.g., a program
    from the event, a digital photo of you at the
  2. a paragraph explaining the event and what
    occurred during it
  3. a paragraph sharing your personal reactions
    to the event (e.g., what you enjoyed or didn't
    and why, what you learned from attending it,

You may submit a campus activity report in digital
form via Engrade before class on the day that it is
due or in hard copy by bringing it to class on the day
that it is due.