SEED 300
Secondary Curriculum and Effective Teaching

This course offers you insight into the inter-related processes of planning the curriculum and implementing effective teaching strategies to help
your students learn.

As you consider the variety of aspects related to curriculum and pedagogy, you will create projects demonstrating your understanding and
skills as they relate to what you will teach someday.

In the co-requisite field experience, you will apply what you're learning in this course while teaching in an area secondary classroom.  By
semester's end, you will demonstrate development in both the art and craft of teaching secondary students.
General Resources for the Course

course syllabus and schedule [posted in Schoology]

Schoology for exchanging messages, submitting
assessments, checking grades, and interacting with
one another in an online classroom environment
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LiveText for submitting course projects

policy on expectations for formal
communication (in written and spoken work)

textbook reading advice from
Pace U. or Dartmouth
U. or Indiana U./Purdue U.
UNIT 1 -- Foundations of Teaching Methods

ch. 1 reading guide  

online: guidelines for the PRAXIS II PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching)
(Educational Testing Service)

document: proposed ND Teacher Evaluation System Plan (2013 Feb.)

UNIT 2 -- Planning Instruction

ch. 2 reading guide

online: Culturally Responsive Teaching (Brown U.)

online: National Center on Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

online: "A Simple Guide to Four Complex Learning Theories" (Edudemic)

ch. 3 reading guide

online: The Ever-Increasing Burden on America's Public Schools (Vollmer

online: Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI)

online: Common Sense for the Common Core

online: Partnership for 21st-Century Skills (P21)

online: Curriculum Collaboration Toolkit (NoodleTools)

ch. 4 reading guide

online: "Writing Instructional goals and Objectives"

online: Bloom's taxonomy from a digital perspective (Educational Origami)

online: lesson and unit plan templates (Teacher Planet)

online: Shelted Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) lesson plan templates

UNIT 3 -- Selecting Instructional Strategies

ch. 5 reading guide

online: Gradual Release of Responsibility model (Literacy Leader)

online: What is Direct Instruction? (Teachnology)

online: Deduction & Induction (Social Research Methods)

ch. 6 reading guide

online: Cooperative Learning Instructional Strategies (Teachnology)

online: Project-Based Learning (Wikipedia)

ch. 7 reading guide  

online: summary frame templates (Achievement Strategies, Inc.)

online: note-taking formats and techniques (Muskingum U)

online: information about, and examples of, advance organizer strategies
(Goochland County Public Schools, VA)

online: advance organizer tutorial video (LEARNet)

online: WiseMapping, a mind mapping/concept mapping tool for students

online: exploratree, a graphic organizer creation tool for your or students to use

online: examples of activities that promote higher-order thinking (U of NC

online: how to engage students by using teaching strategies for project-based
learning (Edutopia)

online: Sweet Search, a search engine that retrieves results from a limited
number of sites, all selected based on their academic rigor

online: Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need (NoodleTools)

UNIT 4 -- Assessing and Reporting Student Performance

ch. 11 reading guide

online: Rubistar, an online tool for creating rubrics for project-based learning

online: multiple resources on assessment and creating and using rubrics (Kathy
Schrock's Guide to Everything)

online: polling and survey programs for formative feedback using
SurveyMonkey, QuickSurveys, Polldaddy, or Poll Everywhere (among others)

online: Hot Potatoes, a free downloadable program that allows you to create
interactive exercises to post on the Web

online: EasyTestMaker, a free online test generator to help you create tests to
print out for students or to post to the Web for them to take online

ch. 12 reading guide

online: sample district-wide grading scale for evaluation of student learning
(Newport News Public Schools in VA)

online: electronic gradebooks (SavvyFrog)

online: Report Cards: Advice and Suggested Comments (TeacherVision)

online: aligning instructional objectives, instructional procedures, and
assessments (Carnegie Mellon)

UNIT 5 -- Managing Instruction and the Classroom

ch. 8 reading guide

online: interviews with teachers RE: active learning (Pearson)

online: Ability and Instructional Grouping Information (ADPRIMAX)

online: "Promote Student Success During Independent Seatwork" (Rock &
Thead, 2009)

online: "Teaching English Learners the SIOP Way" (Hanson & Filibert, 2006)

ch. 9 reading guide

recommended reading: The First Days of School (Wong & Wong, 2009)

online: Seating Configurations (Wong & Wong, 2009)

online: "Classroom Seating Arrangements: Instructional Communication Theory
vs. Student Preferences" (McCorskey & McVetta, 1978)

online: Preparing for the First Day of Class ('s School Success)

online: Classroom Management Strategies and Resources (The Teacher's Guide)

online: Classroom Management (National Education Association)

online: Tools for Teachers: Classroom Management (American Federation of

online: Classroom Management (Association for Supervision and Curriculum

online: Classroom Management (TeacherVision)

article: "10 Tips for Classroom Management" (Edutopia)

ch. 10 reading guide

online: student Action Plan and how to use it as the basis for phoning parents
about a student's misbehavior (Wong & Wong, 2009)

online: sample school-district-wide behavior/discipline (Osceola County, FL)

online: "Punishment Does Not Motivate Students" (Suite101)

online: NASP Position Statement on Corporal Punishment (National Association
of School Psychologists)


video: classroom misbehavior simulator as a training tool at the U of Central FL
in Orlando

UNIT 6 -- Working with Others

ch. 13 reading guide

online: All Things PLC (Solution Tree)

online: "Professional Learning Communities: What Are They, and Why Are They
Important?" (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)

online: Google For Teachers (Google in Education)

online: "Working Together: Groupwork, Teamwork, and Collaborative Work
Among Teachers" (National Institute for Urban School Improvement)

online: Professional Learning Community e-Course for Teachers

online: Parent/Teacher Conference Resources (TeacherVision)

online: test preparation information and advice for the Praxis II PLT (Principles
of Learning and Teaching) exam
(Educational Testing Service)

online: PLT practice test from Learning Express, available via Stoxen Library--
here and then these links: "Learning Express" > "Jobs & Careers" >
"Teaching" > "Praxis II Preparation" > "Praxis II: PLT Practice Test: Grades 7–12
(0524)" > "Login to add" . . . you will create a free Learning Express account and
then be able to take the practice test online

online: Praxis II PLT Practice Test (AB Longman)

online: Practice for Praxis (McGraw-Hill)

online: Praxis II Online Study Guide (Tennessee Education Association)

AERA -- American Educational Research Association

ASCD -- Association for Supervision and Curriculum

Mining the Research

ASCD: Research a Topic

ASCD: SmartBrief

CCSSO -- Council of Chief State School Officers

Adolescent Literacy Toolkit

CCSSO: Common Core State Standards Initiative
(CCSSI or "the Common Core")

Formative Assessment for Students and
Teachers (FAST)

Learning Exchange and Resource Network

Special Education Resources for General
Education (SERGE)

Education Week: Curriculum and Instruction

Education Week: Issues A to Z

Education Week: Teaching Profession

Edutopia -- "What Works in Education"

Exchanges -- an online journal of teaching and

IES -- Institute of Education Sciences

InTASC -- Interstate Teacher Assessment and
Support Consortium

Model Core Teaching Standards

Journal of Learning Design

NCES -- National Center for Education Statistics

NDCI -- North Dakota Curriculum Initiative

NDTCN -- North Dakota Teacher Center Network

ScienceDaily: Mind and Brain News

Stoxen Library: Education Resources

Teacher Magazine: Curriculum Notes

Teacher Magazine: Instruction

Teacher Magazine: Profession

Teacher Magazine: Trend Tracker -- lesson plan resources

Thinkfinity -- resources related to lesson plans,
standards, professional development, etc.

What Works Clearinghouse -- recommendations for
teachers on effective programs, products, and
practices based on evidence from reliable research