For each course that I teach, I maintain a collection
of pertinent documents and resources to help
students achieve the objectives of the course.

If you are my student, use the links to the right to
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Fair warning: If I post something on iMoberg for
the course, I expect that you will read and use it.  
Make it a habit of checking this site well in advance
of each class session.

This is particularly important for the course
schedule, which tells you not only what we will do in
class each day but also what is due from you each
Course Pages
ASC 100
Freshman Seminar for Teacher Education Majors
EDUC 210
Educational Technology
EDUC 500
Integrating Technology in the Classroom (Novice and Cutting Edge)
EDUC 541
Integrating Technology into the Learning Environment
ENGL 382
Adolescent Literature
ENGL 480
Senior Project
SEED 300
Secondary Curriculum and Effective Teaching
Methods of Teaching Secondary Communication
Methods of Teaching Secondary Language Arts
Methods of Teaching Secondary Theatre Arts
SEED 498
Teaching in the Secondary School
West River Teacher Center in-service workshops and trainings
professional development offered beyond DSU and WRTC
University Site
Dickinson State University
Food for Thought
Are boys falling behind girls in academic achievement (New York Times)?  If so, can
we turn them on to reading with books aimed at boys' interests (
Guys Read)?
Digital library of outstanding children's literature from all over the world --
International Children's Digital Library
"Should Educators Be Afraid of Having a Facebook Profile?" -- Learning Putty
"Teaching Effectiveness and the Conditions that Matter Most in High-Needs Schools"
Center for Teaching Quality
"What Makes a Great Teacher?" -- The Atlantic
Unique, educational Web experiences designed to make hard-to-teach concepts
understandable using the power and interactivity of the Internet to deliver in-depth
content in a fresh, exciting style allowing the user to learn intuitively in an online
environment --
The new trend in classroom design: studio classrooms set up as collaborative
learning spaces --
Campus Technology
  Schoology tutorial video