iPad Use in Secondary Classrooms
2013 February 27


2:00-2:15 | share requests relayed via the district;
discuss the use of tablet devices in the classroom

2:15-2:45 | demonstrate apps useful for teacher
tasks (one tablet in the classroom)

2:45-3:00 | explore apps for teacher use;
exchange ideas and recommendations

3:00-3:30 | demonstrate apps useful for learning
tasks (one tablet per student)

3:30-3:45 | explore apps for student use;
exchange ideas and recommendations
Professional Development Offerings
in-service teacher workshops and trainings for continuous improvement

It is my pleasure to work with teachers on matters related to instructional strategies, methods of assessment, educational technology, and
other issues related to the profession of education.  When I lead such trainings, I make the related resources available to participants via
iMoberg.  If you recently participated in professional development with me, then you should find on this page the materials from our session.  
Should you have follow-up questions, requests, or comments, please do
contact me.

Thank you for joining me in our ongoing efforts to improve our own teaching and our students' learning!

Using Tablet Devices in the Classroom

Participants' requests: suggestions of apps to use, ideas for monitoring
student use (controlling access to sites? to apps?)

National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (
NETS-T): facilitate and
inspire student learning and creativity
| design and develop Digital Age learning
experiences and assessments
| model Digital Age work and learning | promote
and mode digital citizenship and responsibility
| engage in professional growth
and leadership

National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S): creativity
and innovation
| communication and collaboration | research and information
| critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making | digital
| technology operations and concepts

Overarching expectations within the Common Core: evaluate complex texts |
communicate effectively | comprehend and critique | locate and use evidence
| solve real-world problems | apply existing knowledge to new
| use technology and digital media strategically and capably

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Guided Access -- to limit the apps and iPad features to which a student has

Managing a Classroom Set of iPads

Apps for Teacher Tasks

Diigo -- social bookmarking and online annotation

Educreations -- interactive whiteboard display

Evernote -- personal organizer for notes, photos, Web sites, etc.

iWork -- apps to use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on your iPad

LogMeIn -- to access your desktop from your iPad

OnLive Desktop -- a virtual PC for the use of Microsoft programs on your iPad

Splashtop -- to access your desktop from your iPad

YouTube -- for viewing YouTube videos on your iPad

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Apps for Learning Tasks

Edmodo -- learning management system -- screensharing tool for presentations

Nearpod -- presentation tool to control students' screens and enable remote

Prezi -- zooming, conceptual presentational tool

QuizCast -- formative assessment tool for remote response quizzing

ScreenChomp -- tool for recording demonstration or explanation videos

Show Me -- interactive whiteboard tool

SlideShark -- tool for sharing PowerPoint presentations via your iPad

Socrative -- formative assessment tool for remote response quizzing

SyncSpace -- interactive whiteboard tool

WatchKnow -- educational videos

General Resources

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Apple in Education -- apps for numerous subject areas

Career and Technical Education

CTE iPad Apps

CTE Starter Apps

English Language Arts

"20+ Apps to Support the Digital Storytelling Process" (Tech & Learning, 2012
Dec. 02)

Apps in the ELA Classroom

Language Arts Apps

Merriam-Webster -- dictionary with voice input and audio of pronunciations

Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Science Apps

iPad Apps for Family and Consumer Sciences

iPad Use in the Family and Consumer Sciences Classroom -- a Prezi

Foreign Languages

"5 Useful iPad Apps for ESL Students" (Edudemic, 2013 Feb. 20)

40 Coolest iPad Apps for Language Learners

Foreign Language Apps

Foreign Language Apps for the Classroom


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Jul. 11)

A List of Great Math Apps for Your iPad

Math Apps

Mathematics with an iPad

Maths iPad Apps


10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids about Science

18 Great Science Apps for iPad

Science Apps

Science iPad Apps

Social Studies

iPad Apps -- Social Studies

Social Studies Apps

Social Studies Apps for the Classroom

Special Education

"50 Useful Apps for Students with Reading Disabilities" (Edudemic, 2012 Sep.

200 Best Special Education Apps

Apple in Education -- special education apps

Special Education Apps